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Positive Mealtimes for Seniors

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Immobility, dementia, depression and lack of appetite are only a few of the common factors that make mealtimes difficult for seniors. A once enjoyable activity, eating often becomes a less than agreeable experience as people age. Yet eating well is important to a senior's overall health and wellbeing. Aside from the obvious nutritional benefits, creating a positive environment around mealtimes does a lot to improve a senior's mental health and overall quality of life.

Here are a few time-tested suggestions from the in-home care providers of BrightStar Care in Salisbury to make mealtimes a more positive experience for your aging loved one.

Create a Familiar Routine

Some seniors, especially those struggling with illness or injury, may find mealtimes challenging.

Many crave the atmosphere and routine of mealtimes in days past – sitting down at the table, saying grace and interacting with others. A BrightStar Care companion care provider will honor the familiar routine to encourage a positive mealtime.

Ask About Food Choices

Let your elderly loved one help decide what you're cooking and serving for dinner. Take the time to communicate with them about what they'd actually like to eat. Health becomes a major concern as you age, but this doesn't mean that food can't taste great too. Try incorporating their favorite herbs and spices into the mix to make bland foods taste better.

Consider In-Home Care

Home caregivers from BrightStar Care in Salisbury are compassionate and professionally trained to help make your mealtimes more enjoyable. Senior care services are ideal for adult children that are out of town or away from their senior parents.

Medications, illness and depression or loss of taste and smell may be other reasons for decreased appetite or desire to eat. Home care providers can evaluate your loved one’s situation and determine a plan of care tailored just for them.

Good nutrition is essential for the health and well-being of the elderly. Home care assistance and meal preparation services from BrightStar Care can ensure a positive mealtime and good nutrition.

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