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Meet Our Elmwood Park, IL Home Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity

The NW Chicago and west Cook County BrightStar Care team comprise the area’s best and brightest stars in healthcare.

Starting with local owners Jesse and Monica Del Angel, who raised their family in Norridge, to the individual caregivers who make a difference each and every day in the lives of seniors in our community, BrightStar staff consistently provides quality care and exceptional service.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these caregivers and nurses who represent the heart and soul of BrightStar NW Chicago, Norridge, Franklin Park consistently set the standards for high quality lifecare, homecare, and skilled eldercare.

Jesse and Monica Del Angel, Owners

“We chose BrightStar because we can really make a difference in people’s lives, helping our elder neighbors age in the comfort of their own homes, or supporting parents of newborns, multiple births, or children with disabilities.”

Drawing on 20 years of corporate management experience and more than 15 years of community service, Jesse turned his focus toward eldercare after experiencing firsthand the challenges felt by a growing number of baby boomers as parents age. Today, Jesse is a Certified Senior Advisor with a special interest in assisting veterans.

Monica’s transition to lifecare, homecare and eldercare was less dramatic having spent more than 10 of 20 years in public relations working for philanthropic not-for-profit agencies and most recently, working with individuals with disabilities. The families whose lives centered on the care of an individual made a profound impact on Monica.

“Their selflessness for the benefit of a loved one was complete and unwavering, but we could see that it was very taxing on the caregiver/family member. My husband and I wanted to be able to support the caregivers as well.”

The DelAngels combined their talents to build a team of the most highly compassionate and committed caregivers and medical staff in the area.

Questions about our care team?

Please contact us online or call our Cook County offices at (708) 456-6976 and we'll be happy to answer them.

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