Home care in Erie, PA

  • 1001 State Street
  • Suite 1012
  • Erie, PA 16501

Erie, PA Client Home Care Reviews

"I love my caregiver. She is the best. I can’t imagine not having her!" ~ Lorraine S.

"There are so many ways that they help me, and it is perfect. They help me get to my walker and stand up and turn. When I am in the shower, they pour water over me and give me a shower. If it...

BrightStar Care of Erie  -   Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  -  February 1, 2011 "My son gets along with both of his nurses just fine. It feels so good...

"I like that they actually care. The caregivers are really good. They offer assistance, and they are always there."  Tim H.

"They make my life a lot easier. I just got out of the hospital after having a heart attack so I need help with everything. The person I'm working with is really friendly." ...

"Their caring and kindness is helpful and they send people who are funny and kind. They're caring and kind."  Barbara G. 

"The caregiver helps me by doing things that require a lot of getting up and down, which I can't do. The caregiver that I have does a good job and is very professional."  Clemens H.