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Chasing the Holiday Blues

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For the elderly, holidays can be a lonely time. While younger people with full family and social networks tend to busy themselves with shopping, partying and celebrations, the elderly are often left alone. Not only do they have smaller social and family circles, they often face transportation challenges for getting together. Many elderly people are forced to give up their driver’s license; getting around, then, is often a problem. Health issues are another area of concern; arthritis, aches and pains, poor eyesight and fading hearing -- all make the world a difficult place to navigate.

Loneliness can have serious health consequences, too. Studies have connected it to disturbed sleep, poor appetite and even depression. Fortunately, there is a way out -- the companion care services and personal care services at BrightStar Care of Erie can help.

What do professional caregivers do?

Companion caregivers visit elderly clients to help them in a number of ways. Their very presence can be comforting – and they are able to engage their clients in conversation, read to them or simply watch television with them. Elder home care providers can help their clients get on the internet to connect with friends and family, help with craft projects or household chores and run errands. In general, companion caregivers can help the elderly cope with the holiday blues – all year long.

Personal caregivers are able to help the elderly in many other ways, too. Personal caregivers offer intimate care such as help in the shower, at the toilet and with personal hygiene and grooming needs.

While these services can be useful throughout the year, they can be a lifesaver during the holidays when loneliness tends to be felt in a particularly acute way. Professional caregivers are a wonderful way to keep the holidays happy for seniors.

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