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Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith, LPN

I have known since I was very young that I wanted to be a nurse. I have been working as a caregiver for family and close friends since I was in my early teens. After my son was born I knew that if I wanted to ever become a nurse, now was the time. I enrolled in an LPN program and graduated from nursing school in 2012- then I began the journey of finding a job, and that is when BrightStar found me.

I think that being a nurse for BrightStar is wonderful.
I love to provide personalized care and BrightStar trains me specifically for each case I am assigned.
As a result, I am confident that the care skills I have are the right ones for that specific client- before I go into a case.
I have now been working for BrightStar for over a year and I can’t see myself working anywhere else.
Our clients are the best, and BrightStar’s 100% compatibility guarantee means that each caregiver-client pair fits well together- a match on the care needs and skills, the schedule, their personalities, and even their interests.

Nicole Shares Some Thoughts about BrightStar Care of Fairfax

Brightstar is awesome at giving you a work schedule that fits for you.
As a single mom, there are times whe I just can’t work and times when I can- they understand this and are able to fit me into a schedule that works.

I love that BrightStar pays you extra sometimes for working last minute or shorter shifts.
When I agree to take these, I get first choice of the new and longer shifts that come in.

When I first started at BrightStar I was a new nurse who was really looking to gain experience.
The office staff was amazing at finding cases that fit my interests and gave me experience I needed.
I was also trained well before my cases to make sure I had the confidence to do the tasks.

When you do your best and work hard, BrightStar recognizes you for improving your personal reputation as well as the agency’s.
The office staff is great and always gives you feedback they receive from the client.

The DON has given me the opportunity to get trained in my areas of interest.
I personally love wound care and was able to attend a wound care VAC training that BrightStar sponsored.
I have also gotten training in G-tubes, catheters and even certified as a care manager- way more that the other LPNs I graduated with have gotten elsewhere.

What I really like is that BrightStar is ready to advocate for its staff.
As a nurse, I advocate for my clients all the time, but BrightStar really listens to its staff and and works to ensure my interests are protected as well.

When you work hard for them, they work hard for you.
When I was working 45-50 hours a week recently I got a call asking if I needed or wanted time off- BrightStar recognized that I was putting in the effort.