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Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy, RN

"I was always interested in pursuing a medical career, but ended up enjoying a 20-year stint in the military. After retiring, I wanted to go into a profession that would help people in a more “hands on” manner, but also have flexibility in work hours, and nursing fit the bill perfectly.

"After graduating from nursing school in 2013, I knew it was time to focus on my nursing career, but was unsure whether I wanted to work full time, or even which area of nursing to pursue……and then BrightStar called.

"As a new nurse, the idea of jumping right into home healthcare initially seeming daunting, but BrightStar worked with me and gave me cases in areas where I was strong- and then added more diverse cases as my confidence and experience grew.

"BrightStar accommodates your lifestyle and priorities. Lisa, the DON, does an excellent job of balancing cases that fit my schedule and provide valuable experience. The owners are some of the best leaders I’ve seen….while they have high expectations and standards, they are also approachable, understanding, and encouraging.

"I truly enjoy being a home health nurse. Seeing the clients in their home provides me a better perspective of their health and life challenges- I see how they want to live and what it takes to help them thrive, something you cannot see in a hospital or a doctor’s office visit."