Home care in Fairfax, VA

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Our Office Staff

Our Staffing Director

Cheryl Chamberlain

"For the past 3 years I have been in the home care field and in 2013 I joined BrightStar as their Staffing Director. I have a strong personal motivation to support people in need at home because of my experience with my father, who was terminally ill at a young age. This career allows me to really make a difference- I can help ensure that each of our clients is assigned caregivers who really care, are highly skilled, and connect with them on more than just a clinical level. I think this is a noble calling and I get great satisfaction when we make it work. I joined BrightStar because they really are different- they have an honest commitment to clinical excellence and a drive to exceed expectations- they provide all the tools we need to be the best."


Community Liaison

Rebecca Valois

"I am very excited to be appointed as BrightStar Care’s Community Liaison and to become part of the BrightStar family- I very much believe in their commitment to supporting each client with passion, dedication, and commitment by providing quality care. From 2007 until 2015, I worked with individuals age birth to 100 as the Assistant Director of Operations and Regional Coordinator for a firm specializing in helping those with special needs.
My degree from George Mason University and completion of law studies in the State of Virginia have allowed me to bring a dynamic approach to assisting individuals of all ages that need support and access to community resources.
I have an extreme passion for supporting the individual- to help them identify and access strong community relationships and achieve the life they desire- and I have tried to approach each individual with a person-centered focus.
I am now bringing this focus to BrightStar Care and, as their Community Liaison, I hope to help connect BrightStar more closely to the Community and broaden the reach and impact our care services have for our clients."


Payroll and Billing

Patrick Massie

"As a recent college student trying to identify my perfect career, I decided the tremendous growth that is occurring in the home care field was a real opportunity to learn and do well by doing good. As the administrator for payroll and billing, I get a flexible schedule and a first-hand view of how a home care business meets the needs of the community. In this role I will have a chance to learn the industry and help ensure that the over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 each year get the opportunity to age in place safely, and stay in their home for as long as they would like."