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Caregiver of The Year Arcilia Motsoasele

BrightStar Awards the 2015 Caregiver of the Year Award to Arcilia Motsoasele


Arcilia Motsoasele (r) was awarded BrightStar’s coveted “Caregiver of the Year”

Arcilia Motsoasele (r) was awarded BrightStar’s coveted “Caregiver of the Year” award on Friday, February 5 at the home of her client, Madeline Rich (l).
Arcelia was chosen from a very competitive field of caregivers to receive the award, and a $500 check, because of the dedication and caring she has shown in taking care of Madeline as a live-in caregiver this past year.
Madeline commented that Arcadia “is an angel who goes everywhere with me.
I cannot see very well anymore and having Arcadia beside me makes all the difference”.
Madeline’s daughter, Ina, wrote us to let us know she feels her mother is both safe and happy at home now that she has Arcelia.
“Arcelia is as patient as a saint and makes everything possible with her constantly-cheerful attitude.”

Kerry Massie, BrightStar’s owner and Director of Operations noted “We are proud to call Arcelia one of our own- she exemplifies what it means to be a caring and capable caregiver and has proven herself to be a truly deserving recipient of our Caregiver of the Year award”

Congratulations Arcelia!

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