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Seniors in Fairfax County are exposed to Deadly Respiratory Illness

July 14th, 2019

Fairfax Senior News

Seniors in Fairfax County are exposed to Deadly Respiratory Illness

Respiratory Outbreak at a Fairfax County Assisted Living Facility

CBS reports two elderly residents are dead and 20 have been hospitalized following a respiratory outbreak at a Fairfax County retirement community
“Over the last 12 days, 55 of 263 residents at Greenspring Retirement Community, a long-term care facility with assisted living, have become ill with respiratory symptoms ranging from upper cough to pneumonia, Health department officials said.”
“Respiratory outbreaks at facilities for vulnerable, older adult populations are not uncommon. The Health Department said they typically see about 12 per year in Fairfax County.. However, this particular outbreak is different because most outbreaks of this kind are in the winter or during flu season.”
Greensprings is Springfield’s premier continuing care retirement community.  To reduce the risk of further infection and to keep residents safe, Greensprings closed the facility to new admissions, cancelled group activities, and is keeping ill residents in their rooms, and increasing cleaning, 
  Source: https://wtvr.com/2019/07/12/2-dead-20-hospitalized-after-outbreak-at-virginia-assisted-living-facility

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