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1873 Levi Strauss Patents Copper-Riveted Jeans...Great Idea

May 20th, 2016

In 1872, Levi Strauss received a letter from Jacob Davis, a customer and tailor who worked in the mining town of Reno, Nevada. Davis reported that he had discovered the new canvas work pants Strauss successfully sold to miners could be improved if the pocket seams and other weak points that tended to tear were strengthened by copper rivets. Strauss and his partners agreed to undertake the necessary legal work for the patent and began large-scale production of the pants making Davis his production manager. Eventually, Strauss switched from using canvas to heavyweight blue denim, and the modern “blue jeans” were born. Since then, Levi Strauss & Company has sold more than 200 million pairs of copper-riveted jeans.
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