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Senior Care in Trumbull, CT

August 18th, 2014

Benefits of Senior Care in Trumbull, CT

Exercise is one of the most important requirements for healthy living, and it only becomes more important as our loved ones grow older. If your loved one requires in-home care in Trumbull, he or she may be considerably less active than they have ever been. One major consideration in your decision for choosing the right services for your loved one is whether the company provides exercise programs for seniors as part of their care to promote better health and mobility.

Inactivity breeds more inactivity, which is why exercise is so important for seniors. The health benefits of adding exercise programs to your loved one’s care are numerous, but the major benefits are a healthier mind, body, and spirit. One exercise program for seniors that is growing in popularity for companion services in Trumbull is yoga. While you may be picturing your loved one in contorted poses, it is important to understand that senior yoga programs are not quite the same. There are many options for home care in Trumbull, and some of them provide yoga services for the elderly for a number of health reasons. Before you scoff at this type of exercise, take a moment to find out exactly what a senior yoga program provides.

The most important thing to understand about adding yoga to your senior care options in Trumbull is that these classes and programs are designed specifically for beginners and those that are not in the best shape. These low impact exercises for seniors are modified to accommodate varying levels of fitness and activity, and most also include additional modification props to protect against falls and injury.

The Benefits

Senior exercise programs in Trumbull provide a wide range of benefits for the elderly, especially when it is included in home care options. These include:

  • Low impact exercise that does not put undue strain on muscles and joints
  • Provides improved core strength and flexibility, both of which help protect against trips and falls due to balance issues
  • Improves bone density, which is crucial for those with osteoporosis
  • Increases mental clarity, eases depression, and restores independence

All of these benefits are important for your loved one, as they will help them regain lost mobility, and allow them to be more independent in their daily lives. If you are looking for senior home care in Trumbull, look for one that adds this beneficial exercise program for seniors into their care plan.

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