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Evanne Covino, Norwalk CT 2015 Northeast Region Nurse of the Year

June 12th, 2015

Every day, a growing number of dedicated nurses care for aging adults and people with complex medical needs inside their homes, administering daily medications, providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, and managing personalized plans of care.

To pay tribute to the specialized and tireless work of thousands of nurses throughout the network, BrightStar Care launched a national Nurse of the Year program to recognize the nurses who are working hard to deliver A Higher Standard of Home Care each and every day.
This year, our Nurse Supervisor Evanne Covino was named the 2015 Northeast Region Nurse of the Year. Here is the nomination letter about Evanne:

Nurse of the Year? Nurse of the Decade would be a better title!

Our relationship with Evanne Covino goes back to life before BrightStar Care. In fact, we used Evanne as our “sounding board” when investigating and considering joining BrightStar. We only accepted the offer to join BrightStar after Evanne agreed to become our DON. Apart from a 6 month sabbatical, where she took time off for family reasons, she has been with us throughout our BrightStar roller-coaster ride.

Evanne embodies everything that you would wish for in an employee. Loyal, hard-working, integrity, out-of-the-box thinking, leadership, ownership, compassion, and a desire to always excel in everything she does, and she demands/expects the same from her staff. Her leadership by example has been one of the main reasons our office has grown to where it is now, the largest non-skilled office in the system.

Evanne has approximately 15 years’ experience in Homecare. She is well known and highly respected by her peers and the referral sources in our community. And, although she is recognized as a leader in her field, she is always available to do that little bit extra – whether this is transporting a caregiver on the weekend, emergency shopping or going to a pharmacy for a client.

Evanne is always looking for ways to improve the product that we produce. In 2014 she spearheaded the office’s drive to improve dementia care by qualifying with the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners as a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer. As such she has the right to teach and qualify our aides to be Dementia Care Practitioners. Together with Jeanne Clark, LPN, she has already qualified several of our aides, and training programs are scheduled throughout 2015 as we strive, under Evanne’s guidance, to be the leader in this field in our territory. We are also exploring the possibilities of training the staff of our referral sources to become Dementia Care Practitioners, opening up a new stream of income as well as cementing our relationships with the referral sources.

Since the beginning of this year Evanne has taken on the additional role of Director of Operations. In her dual role of DON and DOO Evanne can ensure that the qualities that she exemplifies in her DON role are now embedded in our entire operation, and that the “customer first focus” that she has is always followed by the entire team.
Our office motto is “work hard, play hard”, and nobody does that better than Evanne!

I am honored to nominate Evanne Covino for the Nurse of the Year award!

Peter Moore


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