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Home care in Fayetteville, AR

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Fayetteville, AR Client Home Care Reviews

BrightStar Care of Fayetteville  -  Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  -  March 1, 2014 "Brightstar helped me get my Mom back....After many years of serving as a caregiver as an only child to my dear Mother, during her long battle with cancer, I had reached a critical juncture. My Mom was admitted into the hospice phase of her journey and we shared the common goal of keeping her comfortable at home as long as possible....
With the help of some dear friends I was able to care for her for a while. But I soon realized, as many primary caregivers do, that I needed the support of an outside agency to fill in at times as my Mom required 24 hour care.
The staff at Brightstar were always quick to respond and I loved the fact that I could call then anytime there was inevitable change in schedule.... I was able to get consistent care from caregivers who were paired with my Mom based on her needs and preferences . An area of equal importance was the willingness of the office staff to arrange the schedule for my Mom's care around our preferences . If there was a concern it was always handled quickly and discretely. BrightStar staff made consistent and continuous efforts to accommodate the needs of both me and My Mom during her final days. Staff would come in and help with her care, clean and prepare meals.
Their help allowed me to simply have the time and gift of being a daughter...watching movies, baking, laughing, crying, talking and loving. The caregivers who volunteered, as well as those provided by BrightStar, all gathered to support me and my Mom. They had immense compassion and they took care of all the small but important stuff (meals, cleaning ect.) so that my Mom and I could focus on the only thing that seems to matter in the end, spending precious moments with the ones you love.
I know both my Mom and I will be forever grateful for the support of all our dear friends and the caregivers from BrightStar"
~ A Grateful Daughter
BrightStar Care of Fayetteville  -  Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  -  March 15, 2014 "BrightStar did a great job with short notice in filling my need for caregivers as I transitioned my loved one from hospice to home. BrightStar was careful to find the right kind of caregivers for our situation. I will always be very grateful for the attentiveness of BrightStar to my family’s needs." ~ Anonymous
BrightStar Care of Fayetteville  -  Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  -  March 30, 2014 "To put it simply, BrightStar Care is terrific to work with. Jaren, Erica, the caregivers, and staff are professional, prompt, and caring. We have someone in my parent’s home working with my father to care for my mother twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Brightstar is always on top of our caregiver needs and when we need people for longer periods of time, the agency has been prompt to send extra staff. We would highly recommend BrightStar to care for anyone’s loved ones." ~ Scott and Stephanie Reinboth
BrightStar Care of Fayetteville  -  Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars  -  August 1, 2011 "We have been with BrightStar for several months. All the care givers we have had are well trained, polite, and we feel comfortable having them in our home. The schedulers are professional and are dependable getting help when we need it. Thank you!" ~ Anonymous
BrightStar Care of Fayetteville  -  Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  -  August 10, 2011 "Through Albert’s last 7 months of living, BrightStar constantly went above and beyond what could be considered “normal needs” – come snow, holidays, cart that doesn’t work, and all of the everyday life situations that can arise – BrightStar was so accountable to the job at hand – having good staff to care for Albert Johnson. And although, Albert yearned to return to Texas and was SNAPPY at times with anyone (“get out of the way!!”), he felt safe and cared for by the BrightStar staff. It was great to witness different CNAs carefully fixing food for Albert the way he liked it. He died in peace and we believe he also died being glad he was so close to family." ~ The Johnsons
BrightStar Care of Fayetteville  -  Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  -  August 20, 2011 "I was graciously given your name by Hospice in order to procure the 24/7 home care we were looking for. BrightStar immediately responded with persons to interview per our request. Immediately Susannah cried with the relief she felt as Brightstar made a very tense and dreaded situation very pleasant and somehow "do-able." As the weeks progressed and we called on your services, BrightStar did everything it took to take the heavy load from our shoulders so that we could address the remaining issues that a fatal disease will produce. I cannot imagine a circumstance that would have brought more ease and peace to our circumstances than that which your company gave us at every point of our need. We will be forever thankful." ~ Brenda T.