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Asking for Help: A Necessary Aspect of Caregiver Health

Did you know that caring for a loved one can present a tricky juggling act when it comes to the health of the caregiver? In fact, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance®, “… research shows that family members who provide care to individuals with chronic or disabling conditions are themselves at risk.” In the arduous world of caregiving, it's the act of self-care that sustains you and your ability to give care. However, many don't know how or when to ask for help. Let's shine a light on it.

Caregiver Health Concerns

Studies show that caregiver burnout is a very real phenomenon. Those who care for sick or dying loved ones run a high risk of developing depression, stress, and an increased risk of heart disease and mortality. After all, family members caring for ill loved ones are not, in a vast majority of cases, getting paid, and many are forced to decrease work schedules or switch to part-time work to compensate for the time caregiving requires. That time also takes away from the caregiver’s ability to eat properly and get the proper amount of exercise.

It comes as no surprise that caregiving dynamics have real implications for the care patients receive. Negative effects on caregivers, like caregiver burnout, can limit their ability to provide the quality care the patient requires.

Communicating Your Needs

The good news is that more and more voluntary caregivers are beginning to recognize that they need some kind of intervention of a professional caregiver. Potential interventions include, but are not limited to, home care assistance from a reputable and capable home care agency, as well as policies providing financial support for caregiving. Considering the ramifications for the family as a whole in clinical decisions and treatment plans can provide direct benefits to both patient and caregiver.

Communication and keeping open lines of communication are vitally important for caregivers, and the upcoming holiday season could be the perfect time for family members to talk about a strategic plan for providing care to a loved one.

Discover Support With BrightStar Care®

BrightStar Care Fort Collins/Loveland provides a tailored approach that enables you to enlist the support you need when you need it.

Choosing the level of home care assistance you need depends on your schedule and needs and where your loved one is in their health journey. Our compassionate model of care allows them to feel comfortable and safe in a familiar place.

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