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Nursing Jobs Available

Statistically and traditionally, the worlds of nursing and caregiving have been and are still dominated by women. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 91 percent of all nursing jobs are filled by women. The National Alliance for Caregiving in Washington D.C. states that 66 percent of all caregivers in the U.S. are women. And, it’s estimated that women spend 50 percent more time providing care to loved ones than men.

The reasons for the historical gender imbalance are many, the most prominent being societal stereotypes – mothers typically are caregivers in the home – as well as the biological fact that women live longer. So, they spend more time caring for ailing husbands, parents or other loved ones during later years.

However, men are making gains in nursing jobs. Analysis of Current Population Survey data shows that the number of men in nursing jobs has increased sevenfold since 1979 – to more than 350,000 positions. Societal stereotypes are dimming, and males are accepted freely in nursing jobs.

And according to PHI, a leading authority on eldercare and disability services, the healthcare industry’s workforce is on track to grow 30 percent to meet the needs of our aging population. That's the largest projected growth in any job sector in the country! The future need for caregivers is acute, which means it’s a perfect time to enter a career in this field, and BrightStar Care® puts a premium on caregiver training, communication, scheduling, and client compatibility, no matter who you are.

A career in home healthcare can be extremely fulfilling. Whether you’re interested in a nursing job or caregiver position centered around serving the elderly, caring for those with disabilities, or putting your high-tech nursing skills to work, the home healthcare space offers rich opportunities, and BrightStar Care is on the front lines.

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