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...I appreciate your call today and the opportunity to have benefited from the services of Bright Star this past year. You all provided excellent care for my father, and our family is grateful. Jeanette C was assigned as caregiver to my dad and became a good friend to him and wonderful resource for the family. Her rich background experiences and high skill level in healthcare made Jeanette our "go to" person when physical and cognitive changes occurred for Daddy. She was always punctual and dependable in every way. One very notable contribution Jeanette made was to ensure Daddy remained as active and engaged as his dementia would allow. She made a point to connect with daddy in the activity he still is able to enjoy most, which is gardening. She got him interested in getting a small space ready then drove him to the seed store for him to choose and purchase plants and seed. She assisted him in getting the garden planted and continued to help him tend the space. She encouraged him to be outside when he was content to indoors and take walks when he would not have done so on his own. He farmed all of his life, so the out of doors provides much enjoyment and stimulus for him. Any client would be fortunate to have someone of Jeanette's character and ability providing care for them or loved one. We are thankful for the months of care and companionship she devoted to my dad.   March 2013

Patricia Drennan