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Home care in Fort Wayne, IN

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Home Care for Prostate Cancer in Fort Wayne, IN

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Now is the time for men to learn and understand the warning signs of prostate cancer. With today’s busy schedules and demands on our time, everyone overlooks their health occasionally. However, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer and seek treatment as soon as possible. With annual screenings and early diagnosis, prostate cancer is treatable, and BrightStar Care in Huntington invites you to take a moment and review this information. Like graying hair, prostate enlargement is actually a normal part of aging. When any of these symptoms appear, however, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Because of the prostate gland’s location, symptoms often include urinary difficulties such as needing to urinate frequently, problems starting or stopping the urine flow or blood in the urine. Your doctor will utilize different diagnostic tests, such as a PSA blood test, to determine if cancer is present. Treatment options vary, and depending on how advanced the cancer has become, treatment may include chemotherapy or radiation. You and your physician will decide the best course for you. BrightStar Care in Huntington, Indiana offers home care assistance to help you manage your symptoms and treatment. Our services include skilled nursing care for medical assistance with blood draws, injections, vital signs and home infusion therapy. Receiving IV treatments at home will add an extra measure of comfort to your recovery. A home health care provider can also help you with daily personal activities that may be difficult as you recover. Everyday tasks such as bathing, toileting and dressing may be challenging until you regain your strength. A personal care provider will ensure you receive the proper balanced nutrition and hydration your body needs to restore your health. The bottom line is that prostate cancer is treatable; however, it’s important to keep up with annual screenings. Know the symptoms and be prepared to seek the advice of your physician. Then think of BrightStar Care for home healthcare. We’ll get you back to health, at home, comfortably and safely.

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