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BrightStar Care of Fredericksburg Client Testimonials

June 2017

  • We were blessed to have Addi come into our lives four months ago to help with Mother.
    She has brought much needed relief from the start: competent, kind, gentle, caring, loving, compassionate, professional, and trustworthy.
    She has become my friend, my confidante and a member of our family.
    She cares for Mom as if she is her own mother.
    Mother and I look forward to seeing her every week.
    We love her and know she is our gift from God.
    Her caregiving is a comfort to us.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share about our amazing, wonderful Addi.
    BrightStar Care of Fredericksburg is a company with heart. Rebecca (Stafford)

February 2017

  • My husband and I both had serious health challenges, but were trying to find the best possible help for our very different needs.
    It reached the point where I could no longer care for him, and he moved into an excellent assisted living facility for the memory impaired.
    Our Eldercare Manager suggested three agencies that might be more flexible about schedules.
    The first I called was BrightStar.
    Within a very few minutes I knew these people were going to help me!
    They were willing to work with whatever hours I might want or need.
    They came out to interview me and look at my home - not to judge me, but to help choose the best person to work with me. They sent a caregiver who was a Japanese woman to help, and I truly love her!
    For nearly two years I had lived in Japan. This was long before she was born, but she loved hearing about my experiences then and I loved having the opportunity to learn more about the culture I didn't always understand.
    More important, she saw potential here and there, and encouraged me to keep on trying!
    Thanks to her I'm substantially better! All this time I had a relationship with BrightStar management that I still value. They were always available to help with scheduling and seemed truly concerned about my husband's condition as well as my own.
    Certainly, not all agencies are so dedicated!
    Carol (Springfield)

January 2017

  • The most helpful thing done was the home visit and interview because it got everyone on the same page for the services I was asking for. The caregivers would talk and share meal times, laugh, and joke with mom.
    The caregivers took care of a list of things that I left for them without any problems.
    I would tell people that BrightStar is who I recommend to everyone. Lisa (Springfield)

December 2016

  • I appreciated the caring nurses. They were attentive to my father and made him happy and warm.
    They made him forget that he was sick. The caregivers treated my father like family and went the extra mile to make sure he was comfortable.
    Makema (Triangle)

November 2016

  • BrightStar has given me peace of mind when I have to do other things. I know that my husband is being taken care of.
    The caregivers are always willing to do whatever needs to be done and they express empathy and understanding towards my husband.
    The office staff and I communicate on a weekly basis about the scheduling.
    BrightStar is friendly, professional, and they will good care of all of their clients. Marla (Fairfax Station)


  • BrightStar has a lot of compassion, and they’re always willing to listen and answer any questions. The caregiver is very concerned for my parents, and also for me.
    They will take time to talk to me about my parents’ situation and what’s going on.
    Laurie (King George)


October 2016

  • BrightStar has a very caring and compassionate staff. The office staff sent someone to come over to my home to explain everything in person which was nice. The caregivers treat my grandmother like she is one of their own.
    Lindsay (Spotsylvania)


  • I like the convenience and professionalism of BrightStar. The caregivers show good work ethic and are perfect in everything that they do for me. Charles (Alexandria)

September 2016

  • One thing about BrightStar that has impressed me is that they seem very caring. They are also always available.h
    The caregivers really take their time with my mom, so I can tell that they are caring.
    The office staff is very helpful, and they try to find people at the last minute. Lisa (Alexandria)

August 2016

  • I appreciated that the customer service was outstanding and that BrightStar considered details that were pertinent to my mother’s care. I felt comfortable with them from the get go.
    The caregiver sent out was a good match for my mother’s temperament.
    The caregiver spoke like me, had continuity, and followed through with things that I asked them to do. The caregivers’ compassion towards mom showed in their interaction with her, and they were mature and understanding.
    I would tell people that BrightStar is personable, they come across as very attuned with needs, and there is an element of caring and not just business.
    Rebecca (Stafford)

July 2016

  • I appreciate that everyone at BrightStar is terrific. My home care nurse is great.
    She is able to get personal with my care, to the point where she actually cares how I am feeling and how much pain I’m in, and she takes her time with the wound.
    My nurse called me when she wasn’t scheduled to be here to check on how I was doing which really shows how much she care about me.
    I would say that you can’t wrong with BrightStar.
    Julian (Fredericksburg)

June 2016

  • BrightStar is always courteous and on time. I like how professional BrightStar handles themselves.
    They provide an excellent service.
    Stephen (Woodford)

February 2016

  • I am not sick anymore and I feel much better than before I received services with Brightstar Care. They have helped reduce stress and pain in my life. George (Rhoadesville)