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July 28th is World Hepatitis Awareness Day

Fighting For a World Free From Viral Hepatitis

July 28th is World Hepatitis Awareness Day

BrightStar Care of Fredericksburg & Springfield Supports Hepatitis Awareness

In just 10 years of existence, the World Hepatitis Alliance has not just changed the course of history for viral hepatitis, they have put it on the map. they pioneered the fight through awareness raising, advocacy and capacity building activities. From uniting the community on the first World Hepatitis Day in 2008 to a decade of strong patient advocacy. A decade of tenacious effort and unwavering commitment has resulted in 194 governments pledging to the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.
Although the World Hepatitis Alliance has come a long way and great progress is being made, a global strategy and targets alone are not enough to turn an aspiration into reality. Because viral hepatitis was neglected for so long, there’s a lot of catching up to do. Countries won’t be able to reach the 2030 goal alone. Collaboration will be the key, we know that elimination will not be achieved without putting the people affected by viral hepatitis at the heart of the solution.

Get the Facts:
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B can both be prevented with vaccines. Cases of Hepatitis A have dramatically declined in the U.S. over the last 20 years largely due to vaccination efforts. The Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for all children at one year of age and for adults who may be at increased risk Hepatitis A is also transmitted by consuming contaminated food or water.
Unfortunately, many people became infected with Hepatitis B before the Hepatitis B vaccine was widely available. The hepatitis B vaccine is now recommended in adults who may be at increased risk.
Help support our local care community during Hepatitis Awareness Day and speak out about vacines and the fight to stop Hepatitis. Education is the key to public awareness. Click Here to learn more


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