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Home care in Grand Junction, CO

  • 715 Horizon Dr.
  • Suite 300
  • Grand Junction, CO 81506

Our Grand Junction / Montrose Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity at BrightStar Care Grand Junction / Montrose

In the Grand Junction / Montrose area, the lifeblood of our business are the people who make it happen. Our office staff and caregivers work together day in and day out to deliver quality care and exceptional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it's childcare, adult home care or skilled elder care, the people who make up BrightStar Care Grand Junction / Montrose are our greatest assets. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.


Meet the Owners

Stacie Jeffers was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon. She would spend her summers in Montrose with her grandparents. She graduated Texas A&M Galveston in the field of Marine Transportation.

Michael Christensen grew up in Columbus, Ohio studied at Ohio State before leaving to join the U.S. Army. He spent 9 years as an UH-60 Blackhawk Crewchief before reclassing to Automation and Controls Electronics Engineer. After the Army he went to work as a field service engineer supporting power plants and offshore vessels.

We happened to cross paths while working at an offshore drilling company in the Gulf of Mexico. We were away from our homes for weeks at a time and we became close as weeks went on.
In 2019, we moved to the Grand Junction/Montrose, Colorado area to be closer to her family. Stacie wanted to be by her 90-year old grandmother’s side. Her grandma, being a strong and independent woman, didn’t want to ask for help, but her family knew she needed it. Stacie found that trying to get someone to care for her at home was a lot more difficult than she imagined.

Michael had a deep understanding of Stacie’s situation. Ten years prior, his mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Throughout her last eight months, Michael’s family was fortunate enough to have an amazing experience with home health care. His mom looked forward to them coming in every day, and the family was relieved that she could now receive the care. Stacie and Michael look forward to bringing our high standards of home care to the Grand Junction/Montrose area this September.

Stacie will serve as the Operations Manager, while Michael, in between his offshore job assignments, will provide support when needed in areas like marketing, recruiting and sales.
They are most excited about being able to help people in their community and providing the high-quality home care that had once been so hard for them to find.