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Things for Seniors to Do in Keller, TX

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You have done your part to choose a quality in-home care professional care team in Keller, TX for your aging parent or relative. But you can’t start at making sure they are physically OK. Now you have to make sure that they have access to social activities that can help their mental state as well. If you’re looking for things for your senior parent or relative to do in Keller, look no further than the Keller Senior Activities Center. The Center offers a variety of programming, classes, lessons and special events that will get your loved one involved in the community and maybe even make a few friends. Take a look at some reasons at why social activities are important for aging seniors:

  • To build relationships. It’s always a good idea to meet new people. Not only is it generally a good time to learn about someone new, your parent is getting more mental stimulation when they are introducing themselves to someone.
  • To get a sense of accomplishment. Winning at bingo, mastering a new dance move despite the legs not being what they used to be, etc. is an accomplishment and established a sense of pride in your aging parents. After all, who doesn’t feel good about accomplishing something?
  • Stave off boredom. Can you imagine what your parent must be feeling after dealing with the same routine day in and day out? Social activities will give them something to look forward to and a much-needed -- and hopefully fun -- break.
  • Decreased memory loss, more or maintained muscle strength. Statistic shows that seniors who are social lose their memories at a slower rate than those who spend more time alone. A 2009 study said that seniors need social activity about as much as they need exercise.

Now that you have been convinced to take your aging parent or relative to have some fun, take a look at some of the programs the Keller Senior Center has available, some of which are either free or low cost:

  • Ceramics, quilting, crochet and knitting, wreath-making, AARP Driver’s Safety Classes
  • Tai Chi, Walking Group, Gentle Yoga, ZUMBA Gold (for active older adults)
  • Health & Wellness fairs

Taking care of your loved one’s health has to extend beyond just the physical care. Providing for the emotional and mental well-being of your aging parent or relative can make the difference in their physical health and lives as well.


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