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What Makes BrightStar Care "Award-Winning"?

According to a recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau, the nation's population is aging. By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be 65 years old and over. So it is only natural that the demand for professional in-home care will rise simultaneously.

Care for the elderly is another area where BrightStar Care excels. BrightStar Care, one of the country's primary home care agencies, meets this need by offering in-home assistance to seniors. This development has motivated BrightStar Care to earn several awards. In addition, its dedication to high-quality service has earned it several titles.

BrightStar Care has received a wide range of awards over the years: Here are some of BrightStar Care's significant accomplishments and honors this year:

2022 Best of Home Care® - Leader in Experience: The highest honor a home care provider can earn from Home Care Pulse, an independent experience management company. BrightStar Care's most recent award shows its commitment to providing the highest quality of home care.

BrightStar Care received high survey scores and qualified for Home Care Pulse's annual Best of Home Care awards, earning three significant honors in just one year!

Joint Commission Accreditation - The Gold Seal of Approval: BrightStar Care has The Joint Commission Gold Seal. A nationally recognized healthcare quality standards organization, The Joint Commission also accredits the nation's best hospitals and other primary healthcare systems.

Enterprise Champion for Quality Award:

BrightStar Care is the only national home care franchise to earn The Joint Commission's Enterprise Champion for Quality Award every year since its inception in 2013! This prestigious distinction further sets BrightStar Care apart as a quality-focused care provider.

These awards and other recognitions highlight BrightStar Care's success in its quality of service and patient satisfaction. BrightStar Care has gone "above and beyond" and aims to provide home care that is not easily surpassed.

BrightStar Care: A Higher Standard in Home Care

At BrightStar Care, we provide award-winning home care services for clients who require companion, personal, and skilled nursing care. These professional services are delivered compassionately and understanding each client's unique needs and preferences to ensure the highest quality of care possible. Many companies offer senior care services. BrightStar Care goes above and beyond industry standards by providing employees with extensive training and guidance and offering opportunities for personal and professional growth. Let us explore more about what makes BrightStar Care "award-winning"!

Not Clients, but Family

BrightStar Care is committed to providing high-quality in-home care services with lots of love and attention to every client.

Numerous family members are concerned about finding a provider that will honestly treat their loved ones like family. When seniors receive excellent care from someone who treats them with respect and dignity, they tend to remain independent for extended periods. Thus, families only want the best providers on their loved ones' sides. 

More than just a home care franchise, BrightStar Care promotes a family-like atmosphere among its employees that extends beyond professional relationships. As a result, we have countless instances where caregivers have become genuine parts of the families they serve.

Caregivers Are Empowered to Excellence

BrightStar Care emphasizes training and development to bring out the best from its employees. They want every client to receive excellent care from their caregivers, who will be empowered to provide services beyond the standards. Therefore, every caregiver must complete several training sessions and obtain certifications before joining BrightStar Care to ensure they are well-equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to serve clients precisely and efficiently.

Caregivers also work closely with their supervisors and managers to discuss any concerns or issues during their assigned shifts. This way, coordination can be done better among home care providers for each client.

Having a Passion for Growing and Developing

In addition to providing its employees with extensive training and guidance, BrightStar Care also offers numerous opportunities for growth, both personal and professional. For example, the company's management team sets a substantial standard by offering their managers development meetings to discuss training topics and exchange ideas about what works well for clients. As a result, employees are encouraged to improve upon themselves to provide better care for clients who depend on them.

Not only does BrightStar Care encourage its employees to grow, but the company also offers a competitive salary and benefits package to keep them happy. In addition to health insurance, dental insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off for vacation and holidays, the company provides professional development courses at no cost to employees. The goal is to ensure that every employee feels comfortable in their surroundings and has room to grow in an environment to thrive.

Additionally, the training process at BrightStar Care is comprehensive and rigorous to ensure that caregivers are prepared for anything that may come their way. The goal is to provide loving care in a nurturing environment while making each client's life easier. This is achieved by offering caregivers hands-on experience before working one-on-one with clients.

Raising the Standards of Home Care

At BrightStar Care, the quality of in-home care services is never compromised. Instead, this company strives to go above and beyond industry standards by offering compassionate, high-quality senior home care services.

BrightStar Care's services offer a variety of helpful features for seniors, such as 24/7 caregiver support, proper medication management, Alzheimer's and memory care, disability services, respite care, senior transportation, and more. These features help elderly individuals get the home care they need each day.

The evidence speaks for itself—BrightStar Care has set a higher standard of home care, making them win numerous national awards and recognitions. Not only is the company constantly growing and developing, but it also empowers its employees to provide quality assistance for clients. Everyone involved with BrightStar Care feels passionate about improving home care services every day.

Join the Award-Winning Team at BrightStar Care

Are you ready to join a team of award-winning professionals? BrightStar Care welcomes all newcomers, whether experienced caregivers or individuals looking for their first home care job. If you are interested in joining this family of compassionate professionals, visit our company's website to learn more about available positions.

No matter what position you're applying for, there are plenty of reasons why working at BrightStar Care in Greater Hackensack, NJ BrightStar Care will help you grow as an individual and as a dedicated professional in providing high-quality elderly homes care services. Contact BrightStar Care today to learn more about their career opportunities or make a call at 201-483-8490.