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Sandra Colon: Brightstar Care Greenville-Spartanburg Caregiver of the Year for 2017

March 19th, 2018

We appreciate our caregivers and love to recognize them for their efforts. That’s why we began our Brightstar Greenville-Spartanburg Caregiver of the Month Award. In 2017 our Caregiver of the Month of May was Sandra Colon. She was recently named our Caregiver of the Year!
Sandra Colon is a native of Puerto Rico. Four months after she was named Caregiver of the Month, her family members that remain in Puerto Rico experienced the ravages of Hurricane Maria. It was a trying time and it was a week before any information got back to Sandra about her family. It was two weeks before she was able to make phone contact with her mother. Fortunately, Sandra’s mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles are fine. While waiting for news, Sandra was worried about the safety of her family but she went to work and served her clients every day.
Sandra has her own family here in the Upstate and her kids are doing well. Her son plays trombone in band, and her daughter plays bass in the orchestra. Sandra loves her work and eventually plans to return to school to study occupational therapy or physical therapy.
A Client's Perspective
Libby is the daughter of a woman Sandra cared for  until she died recently. Libby's mother had numerous medical problems including Multiple Sclerosis. One doctor suggested a nursing home but the family wanted Libby’s mother home and Sandra successfully cared for her until her death. Sandra now cares for Libby’s father.

Here is what Libby says about Sandra Colon:
From the minute we met her she was like part of the family. She always goes above and beyond. The biggest thing: How invested she is. The doctors noticed and told us how blessed we are.  My mother lived more years than she would have without Sandra. My mother was very quiet and Sandra kept Mom’s mind going by getting her focused, always talking to her and asking her questions.  Sandra is like a daughter.
We couldn’t be more proud of Sandra and in addition to naming her Caregiver of the Month last May, we are giving her another award. Sandra Colon is Brightstar Care Greenville-Spartanburg 2017 Caregiver Of The Year. Thank you, Sandra!