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Our Care Team

Our people are our company.

We are proud of our outstanding team of care professionals. Our employees undergo a rigorous screening process including telephonic and in-person interviews, written competency testing, live skills testing, background check and drug testing. Each employee is dedicated to providing the best possible care for our clients. Please see view the video below to see one an example of how Ann, one of our incredible caregivers makes a difference each day for her client and his family:

While BrightStar Care of Honolulu's caregivers are working compassionately and diligently each day to care for our clients and to ease burdens and brighten the days of the families we serve, BrightStar Care of Honolulu's administrative and management team are devoted to the company's "Hoku'alohi Promise."

We are pleased to introduce the caring an dedicated individuals who lead, manage, support and facilitate the company vision.

Steven-Lee,-President.jpgSteven Lee |  Owner, President

Steven and his wife, Alison, opened BrightStar Care of Honolulu in 2010.

Steven is a "local boy" who graduated from Aiea High School and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Hawaii.

After over 20 successful years in the mortgage industry, Steven felt a yearning to seek a more meaningful career where he felt he could truly make a difference. Initially unfamiliar with the home care industry and the services home care provided, Steven and Alison became aware of the need for a high-quality provider of private duty in-home care in Hawaii.
They chose to bring BrightStar Care, a proven organization with a demonstrated commitment to a higher standard of care, to serve the local community.
In 2015, Steven and Alison experienced the need for home care services first hand, when Steven's dad was in the end stages of cancer. Despite wanting to do everything herself, Steven's mom found that having a BrightStar Care caregiver to provide respite, helped to ease the burden and allow her to focus on making her final moments with her husband the best they could be.
Steven is proud to offer BrightStar Care's high quality services to the community.

alison-lee-photo.jpgAlison Lee |  Owner, Director

Alison and her husband, Steven, opened BrightStar Care of Honolulu in 2010.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Alison is a graduate of Punahou School and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University.

After working in the financial services industry for over a decade, Alison was a stay-at-home mom to her and Steven's three children for eight years. With two physicians for parents, Alison grew up around medical field, and was inspired by the gratitude her parents' patients would express for the care they received.
After making the decision to bring BrightStar Care to Hawaii with her husband, Steven, they brainstormed their vision together and the "Hoku'alohi Promise" was born:
"We promise to provide the kind of care we would want for our own loved ones; to be compassionate, empathetic, patient & kind, while providing reliable, trustworthy, and top-notch, professional home care."
It is this promise that has become our "North Star" which guides every action and decision in our organization.

 amanda krygerAmanda Kryger | Operations Manager

Originally from Missouri, Amanda Kryger moved to Oahu and joined BrightStar Care of Honolulu as Operations Manager in 2019, after serving for over five years as District Manager for Clarkson Eyewear.

Amanda earned her Bachelor of Arts degree Columbia College University. She's also completed coursework in Business and Graphic Design at Truman State University, as well as Photography at Art Institute of Colorado.

Amanda has an extensive and varied background, providing her a valuable and unique skill-set including  change management, coaching, marketing and more. She is passionate about helping others succeed and fulfill their potential.

Amanda was attracted to home care because she finds patient care to be a fulfilling line of work. "It's an expression of our innate desire to ensure the wellbeing of our community. Home care especially is a critical service for our most vulnerable population.
Amanda enjoys helping others find peace and happiness, and reducing or eliminating suffering. She is passionate about helping people realize their potential. She shares, "My heart sings when someone I've been working with hits a milestone or finally gets over a hurdle."


kendettaKendetta Johnson, RN | RN Clinical Care Manager

Kendetta was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri and is currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kendetta was attracted to her role at BrightStar Care because it is a role that she is very  familiar with. She is very compassionate about helping others and is a very natural fit for her.

Kendetta enjoys yoga and mediation to keep her mind at ease. She is passionate about helping others and having the ability to express her artistic side as well.

She wants her BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients to know that "I'm a little funny, a little weird, sometimes shy. I feel happy when l am able to help others meet goals intended in life personally or professionally. I'm a hard worker, detail oriented and don't like to give up, no matter what happens . I would want them to know that I'm here to help them and to help our team function adequately and efficiently to meet their needs."

Christie ShimabukuChristie Shimabuku | Client Experience Manager

Christie was born and raised in Hawaii and is a graduate of Maryknoll High School.

Christie took a basic in-home care course from Rehab of the Pacific and was attracted to home care because it seemed like a rewarding career that helps with the quality of life for those in need and their families.

Christie enjoys scuba diving, hiking, going to the beach, arts & crafts, and walking her dog.

She BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients to know, "I'm compassionate and empathetic towards others and strive for the best in myself and others."

U'i TyrellU'i Tyrell |  Employee Experience Manager

U'i was born and raised in Aiea, Hawaii, and is a graduate of Aiea High School. She also attended University of Hawaii and University of Oregon.

U'i brings over 11 years of experience in office management, HR, corporate training, and payroll administration.

U'i was attracted to the home care industry because she loves helping others, giving encouragement and support. She says, "I absolutely love helping and serving others. Encouraging someone, making them feel cared for, valued and acknowledged is something I strive to do everyday!"

She wants BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients and caregivers to know, " I am here for you. to help support and encourage".

mangapit, cylaCyla Mangapit | Office Assistant

Born in the Philippines and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where she graduated from Waipahu High School and earned her Bachelor's degree in business administration from University of Hawaii West Oahu.

Cyla was became interested in working in the home care industry because she liked the idea of helping those that need/want assistance, while making it more convenient for the clients and their families.

Cyla enjoys  being outdoors, adventuring, and helping those in need, and wants clients and others to know that "I am friendly and able to get along with others".

Fernandez,-Carla2.jpgCarla Fernandez |  After-Hours Client Care Coordinator

Carla has been with BrightStar Care of Honolulu since 2011.
Carla is a “local girl,” born and raised in Aiea, Hawaii. Carla is a graduate of Aiea High School, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, as well as an MBA from University of Phoenix.

Carla has over a decade of experience in sharing her compassion and excellence in the healthcare field. Carla shares that "Working in home care has allowed me to feel that I can help make a difference in the lives of many families. I may not be the one physically helping the loved ones, but I feel that by listening and talking with the families I am helping them emotionally. With so much going on in the world, the families need that reassurance that we are here to help."

Though our clients and caregivers interactions with Carla are limited to after-hours and holidays, she is a favorite among everyone.

A little known fact about Carla is that she is an avid photographer who loves to take all kinds of photos. She once took a week-long family trip to Vancouver BC (before the days of digital cameras) and used 12 rolls of film!

Carla is very devoted and loving to her family, and she works very hard to take care of them.

alix, debieDebie Alix  |  Scheduling Coordinator


campasas, genelynGenelyn Campasas |  Scheduling Assistant

Mary Rose Magsayo |  Recruiter