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Huntington Beach, CA Client Service Testimonials

Even more than who we are and what we say is what we do. The true measure of the services that we provide is that we met and exceeded the expectations of those in our care and their families. Nestled deep within each unique client story is all that our caregivers are making possible – more flexibility, more security, more hope. And while we could just tell you about the kind of work we do, there is nobody better able to speak to the kind of care that BrightStar provides than those we serve on a daily basis.

"I would like to thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful care you provided my mother. You and your staff went beyond professional and became an integral part of my mother's life. She would not have been able to spend her last days at home near her friends without support from your team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Ina T.  

"The really sad part of this journey has been, I attempted to know all who played a role in helping my wife, Joan, with little results. I'm truly sorry because each deserves our thanks in so many ways. The care and their understanding, if this needs grading, was excellent. Each brought unique care in helping her, each seem to know the lovers of Joan also needed help and understanding. For all you've done and shared, we thank you!" - Richard C.  

"I wan to thank you for sending us Maggie over these past months. She is wonderful. Our whole family loves her. I can't express how much we have enjoyed having her as part of our family. I appreciate the gentle and caring way she helped Lois stay active and improve her physical strength. The joyful reaction to her loving care was heart warming. I also appreciate how she pitched in after she broke her pelvis with extra work hours and sacrifice of study time. Our whole family joins me in thanking her for all she has done for Lois and me. We all wish her the very best in her studies and transition into nursing. Thank you again!"  - Dick S.  

"Your loving care has meant so much to Nicholas, me and our friends and family. The calls and cards have brightened my day and angels have visited me through your presence." - Susan W.   "Thanks for all you do. You always strive to meet our expectations and have gone out of your way to ensure our patients are provided with quality service in a timely manner. It's good to be working with you." -Rick B.  

Thank you for your fine care of my uncle. Your company and the compassion you all show is greatly appreciated! - Eillene S.