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Music and You - Music Therapy - Community Event 7/21 in Irvine

Experience the power of music and the benefits of music therapy

How music can help you create a greater and more peaceful quality of life.

Manage Your Stress with VITAS' Music Therapist - Natalie Rodriguez, MSW

As you know, life is busy and can be very stressful, most likely to not slow down. So, the question is: "Do you know how to efficiently navigate through your daily stress?!"

Stress is the cause of numerous illnesses that inflict so many today. Please, don’t wait for life to consume you! You must put your oxygen mask on first in order to be the best provider, friend, family member and partner.

Please, join us on Thankful Thursdays as we support VITAS’ VERY OWN music therapist, Natalie Rodriguez. This woman is a gift to the VITAS Community and I encourage each of you to come witness the gift she brings to our families and community. Natalie will be taking us through how music therapy has been transformative in the lives of our patients and families, but also applicable in our personal lives as well.



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