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May 19 Event in Irvine: Finding Peace Amid The Chaos!

Join BrightStar Care of Huntington Beach in Irvine for this great event Thrusday 5/19

Finding Peace Amid The Chaos!


Tanya Brown, VITAS Community Liaison and Natalie Rodriguez, MT-BC, MSW, VITAS Board Certified Music Therapist

This intimate, interactive and experiential series leads participants through techniques and strategies of self-care to achieve optimal well-being.

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BrightStar Home Care provides 24 hour in home care, and support for seniors in thier own home,as well as in independent, and assisted living communities. We provide all levels of home care from companion services to Skilled Nursing, Medical Staffing. As well as Physical Therapy for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients, Companion and Personal Care for Elders with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We also provide Home Child Care, Sitter and Nanny services for Children and Support for New Mothers. We Support Veterans and Accept most Long Term Care Insurance benefits, provide Hospice care, Live-in care, CNA, Caregiver, RN, LPN, RN Supervision, Compassionate Care, and Compatibility Guarantees. We are an ALS Society partner, Alzheimer Association member, Health Care Association member, providing care for developmentally disabled and individuals of all ages with mental health and behavioral health diagnosis. Other services include safe discharge and transportation from the hospital or rehab facility, Post Op care both short and long term, Pre Operation and reparation help and assistance, client monitoring for out of town family members. We proudly serve Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Stanton, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Los Alamitos, Surfside, Midway City, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Brea, Garden Grove, Placentia, and Yorba Linda in CA.
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