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Are You Missing the Signs of Caregiver Stress?

Caregivers in Hobe Sound FL

Caregivers in Hobe Sound FLIt's really easy to ignore the signs of stress when you're a family caregiver. You're way too busy getting things done for everyone in your life to pay attention to such subtle signs. And then the burnout hits and you wish you'd noticed that it was coming. Here are some of the signs you should be watching for.
You Can't Sleep, Even Though You're Exhausted

Have you ever had one of those nights where you fall into bed, absolutely knackered, but you can't fall asleep for the life of you? That's a classic sign of stress. Your body is willing, but your mind is just going and going.
You're Snapping at Everyone

Everyone is irritated or irritable once in a while, but are you finding yourself snapping at everyone and everything? Maybe you're even feeling resentful or irritated at your loved one. This is a classic sign that your stress levels are shooting out of control.
Your Health Is Suffering

You haven't had a headache in years, and yet this week you've had three of them. That's a big warning sign. Or maybe you're fighting off a cold that has been after you for a month straight. Another big warning sign. Caregivers tend to not only neglect their health in small ways, but they do it in big ways, too, such as ignoring check-ups and skipping appointments.
You Haven't Seen Friends or Loved Ones In a While

When is the last time that you got together with your best friend? It's especially bad news if you live in the same town as your bestie and you haven't been able to meet up. Start keeping a calendar where you track how often you're engaging in social activities. If your social calendar is totally empty, you have some rescheduling to do.
You Just Can't Take One More Thing

The dishwasher blew up or your loved one is having a bad day and won't get dressed for some reason and you find yourself thinking, "I cannot take one. More. Thing." And then one more thing does happen, of course, because that's life. That feeling of being unable to handle more right now is your brain and your body telling you that they're too stressed to cope right now.

If you're noticing yourself in any of these signs, you need to step back, find someone to talk to, and get yourself back on track. Work with someone that you trust to help you find your groove again.
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