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Caregiver Issues: Is Your Home Ready for Your Parent to Move In?

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Caregivers in Jupiter Island FLThere may come a time in your caregiver journey when you must make a decision as to whether your parent may benefit from transitioning into your home rather than continuing to live on her own. Considering this major step can come from many situations. Your parent may have recently lost her partner and not want to face the rest of her aging years completely alone. She may have spent the last several decades living in a large home to accommodate her family but she now struggles with physical limitations that make utilizing the home difficult. She may be living on a limited budget and need living arrangements that are more affordable. You may also come to this decision simply because you want to both spend more time with your parent and give her the best possible care.

Whatever the reason that you are considering bringing your loved one into your home, it is important to make sure that your home is ready for her. Making meaningful modifications to your home that address your parent's needs will help her to live as healthy, happy, and safe a lifestyle as she can throughout her aging years.
Use these tips to help you ensure that your home is ready for your aging parent to transition into living with you and your family:
• Mobility aid access. If your parent relies on a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or walker to get around, make sure that your home can accommodate that aid. If there are steps outside of the home, add ramps to make it easier for your loved one to get in and out of the home safely and comfortably. Widening doorways throughout the home as much as possible will make it easier for your loved one to move throughout the home itself. You may also want to consider adding a stair lift to help your parent access all floors of the home securely.
• Extra lighting. Many elderly adults deal with low vision or eye diseases such as macular degeneration. This can make it more challenging for them to move around the home without tripping or hitting furniture or other obstacles. Add extra lighting throughout the home to help your parent see where she is going more easily. This includes adding nightlights that will help your parent see where she is going if she has to get up at night.
• Change level of outlets. If possible, consider changing the height of electrical outlets throughout the areas of the home where your parent will spent most of her time. While the conventional height of an electrical outlet is about 12 inches, this can be too low for a senior adult who has balance issues and is at risk of falling. Elevating those outlets to 18 inches makes it easier for an elderly adult to reach an outlet to plug or unplug a lamp or other appliance from a seated position. This minimizes the chances that she will tumble and injure herself.
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