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Privacy and Caring for an Elderly Loved One

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Caregivers in Palm Beach County FLIf you were suddenly tossed into being a family caregiver for your elderly loved one, you might not have had a chance to think about how your life was going to change. Privacy takes a huge beating when you're suddenly living with your elderly loved one and that can add to your stress. It's never too late to whittle some more privacy out for yourself, though.
Why Is Privacy an Issue?

Privacy can be an issue when you're caring for your elderly loved one for a variety of reasons. If you're still living separately, it might not be as big of a deal. But if your loved one lives with you, it's possible that being around each other all day and all night starts to take a toll on you. And if your loved one has other issues, such as dementia, you may find that your loved one has some interesting ideas on what is appropriate in the communal living areas of the home.
Separate Living Spaces, If Possible

Your loved one needs her own space, but so do you. You need to be able to have somewhere that you can decompress when you need to, and your loved one has to have the same as well. If it's possible to set aside an enclosed area that provides both a bedroom and a living area for your loved one, that's ideal. If not, you may want to consider whether you can afford renovations that can make that happen.
Set Up Some Ground Rules

Many arguments or bad situations could be avoided with some simple ground rules. This is more difficult if your loved one is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's, for example, but if you can set up those rules at the very beginning, that's the best option. Think about how you and your loved one might use the communal areas of the house and what would help you to share more easily. This might include information about where certain foods are stored or how television time is allocated. Write down the rules that you come up with together so that everyone has input.
Establish Boundaries

Boundaries are a way for you to share with your loved one what is acceptable and what is not. This is different from ground rules from the standpoint that your personal boundaries are something that helps you to feel safe and comfortable in your living space. Rules are more hard and fast, while boundaries may be something that you need to adjust as situations change. If you have trouble finding your boundaries, journaling or talking with a counselor can help a lot.

Privacy is an important issue, both for you and for your elderly loved one.
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