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How to Take a Field Trip with Your Elderly Loved One

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Caregivers in Tequesta FLWhen you're a family caregiver, you want to help your elderly loved one to stay active and engaged with what's going on around her. If she doesn't get out much, though, she may be pretty bored. Taking a field trip can be a great way to ditch boredom.
Rethink Your Idea of a Day Out

When your elderly loved one is still in good health, you might find yourselves at museums, parks, or all sorts of places. As your loved one's health declines, however, you may need to start rethinking your idea of a day out. For some elderly loved ones, a trip to a local antique shop just to window shop can be all the excitement that she needs or wants.
Let Your Loved One Move at Her Own Pace

Once you're out and about, let your loved one set the pace for your field trip. She might see something that reminds her of a happy memory or a person from her past. Encourage your loved one to share her comments and her feelings while you're out on your field trip. You might just learn some new family stories that you never would have thought to ask about.
Include Your Loved One in Small Errands

Another idea for a field trip can be to take your loved one along on a small errand. This can be especially helpful if your loved one really doesn't have the stamina for a two or three hour trip. If you need to pick up just a few things at the grocery store, for example, consider asking your loved one along. If she's not been able to get out much, a trip to the grocery store can actually be pretty exciting.
Relive the Trip with Your Loved One After It's Over

Talk to your loved one about the trip once you're home. In some cases, you may find that your elderly loved one is so excited about the adventure, even if it seemed mundane to you, that she wants to relive it for days afterward. This is a great sign because it means that your loved one was engaged and happy about the experience.

Even when your field trips are short trips to somewhere close by, you can make them an adventure for your elderly loved one.
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