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Choosing Home Health in Palm Beach Gardens

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If it's time for your family to make decisions about the care of your elderly loved one, consider in-home care from BrightStar Care in Palm Beach Gardens. We match our caregivers to your loved one based on personality, needs and the level of care required. Home health care is usually the number one choice for seniors, and here are six good reasons why:

  1. Keep the comforts of home. Your loved one can continue to enjoy the home he's lived in for decades: the big picture window that looks out onto the tree he planted in the front yard thirty years ago, the rooms that are filled with memories and a lifetime of belongings in their rightful place.
  2. Reduce stress. The stress of moving can make anyone feel ill, but when the move is to a tiny apartment in a large facility full of strangers, rules, and new ways of doing things, the stress can actually affect your loved one's physical health.
  3. Maintain an appropriate level of independence. Independence is highly valued by most of us, regardless of age. Staying independent at home with the help of BrightStar Care's elder care services will help your loved one maintain a high quality of life. Research suggests it may even extend it.
  4. Give family members peace of mind. If you and your siblings are constantly worried about your loved one's safety or concerned that he's too isolated or suffering from serious boredom, a companion care provider can assure that he has company to keep him engaged in stimulating activities and offer a little help around the house (such as light housekeeping or meal preparation services).
  5. Personalized care. BrightStar Care in Palm Beach Gardens works with your family and your loved one to formulate an appropriate care plan that may include home health services like skilled nursing or dementia care -- or personal care assistance (with eating, grooming, dressing or toileting). Whatever your needs, we can work out a personalized plan.
  6. Compassionate caregivers. At BrightStar Care, our caregivers consider their work to be more of an avocation than a job. They feel drawn to providing care to seniors, and enjoy really getting to know them, going out of their way to make their lives more satisfying and vibrant and helping them maintain as much independence as possible.

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