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Elder Care Trips: Packing a Carry On for Your Parent

Elder Care in Jupiter Island FL

Elder Care in Jupiter Island FLIf a trip on an airplane or train is going to be a part of your elder care journey with your aging parent in the near future, you are likely already planning your packing. Planning well in advance is key to making sure that you do not forget anything and that you do not have excessive stress in the days leading up to your trip. If you are traveling by car, having your luggage nearby is convenient and allows you to get whatever you may need with minimal hassle. If you are traveling by train or plane, however, your luggage may be stored out of your reach, making it essential that you bring along a carry on stocked with everything you may need while in transit to your destination. Packing this bag successfully will help to minimize stress, make the trip as comfortable as possible, and simplify the actual traveling experience.

Some items that you should consider packing in a carry on for your parent include:
• Change of clothing. You never know what could happen when you are traveling or in the first few hours after arrival at your destination. Your parent might have something spill on them, could get sick, could tear or otherwise damage their clothing, or their luggage could be lost. Having a simple and comfortable change of clothing ensures that if any of these things do happen, your parent can change and be presentable and confident until you can get to their luggage or to a store.
• Travel documents. You never want your parent's passport, boarding pass, itinerary, reservations, or other travel documents out of reach. Make sure that these items are kept in a secure folder or envelope in their carry on. If you are concerned about them losing these items, keep them, with the exception of identification, in your bag.
• Medications. If there are medications that your parent must take on a regular basis, including over the counter medications, make sure that they are in their carry on. This is even if you plan on being off the plane or train and at your destination by the time that your parent will need another dose. Luggage can get lost, there can be delays, and it is always better to have it with you. Be sure to check with the particular transportation that you are using to review guidelines and rules regarding medications, needles, and other equipment, and make any necessary arrangements.
• Toiletries. A few simple toiletries can make all the difference if you experience a long delay. Be sure that you check with the guidelines regarding fluids and gels, and follow the rules carefully. There are small bottles available for purchase that are the proper size and materials for most travel guidelines to simplify your packing.
• Comfort items. Even if you plan on only being in the train or plan for an hour or two, bring along items to keep your parent comfortable, happy, and entertained. Bring along a sweater or light jacket to handle climate changes within the mode of transportation, simple forms of entertainment such as books or puzzles, and snacks that comply with the rules and regulations of the particular form of transportation. This will create a contingency plan in the event of a long delay or other issue.
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