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Tips for Being Realistic About Caring for a Senior With Parkinson’s Disease

Elderly Care in Jupiter Island FL

Elderly Care in Jupiter Island FLWhen you agreed to step into the role of being a family caregiver for your aging parent it is likely that you did so with total commitment to giving them everything that they needed and ensuring that they had the quality of life that they truly deserve. You wanted to take over and remove challenges and issues from their life, and give them the very best of care. Being a family caregiver for a senior with a serious disease such as Parkinson’s disease, however, can be extremely challenging and it is vital that you are realistic about not only the challenges that you will face as a caregiver, but also the type of care that you will be able to give them throughout this journey. This allows you to create an approach to care that is right for your elderly loved one, but also for you.

Use these tips to help you be realistic about caring for a senior with Parkinson’s disease:
• You may struggle for support. You want to think that those around you will see what you are doing for your elderly parent and step up to give you the support that you need to maintain your mental and emotional health, keep up with you challenges, and support your quality of life. This, however, might not be this simple. Friends and family might not fully understand what you are going through and the challenges that you face on a daily basis. This can make it difficult for them to give you the support that you really need. Be realistic about this and know that you will need to be upfront and explicit with those in your life about what you need from them.
• Your own health is applicable. The care that you give your elderly parent is not just about them. It is about you. As they progress through the stages of PD, they will need an increasing amount of support and physical assistance. If you do not have the physical strength, health, and endurance necessary to handle these demands, you cannot give them the help that they need. It is important that you are realistic about your abilities and how you can maintain your own abilities so that you can continue to give your parent the utmost care while also protecting yourself.
• You likely cannot do it on your own. It is not pessimistic to understand that you are unlikely to be able to manage all of the needs and challenges of caring for a senior with Parkinson’s disease completely on your own. This is realistic and beneficial. By acknowledging your personal limitations, including time, energy, strength, and emotional limitations, you are able to build a support system that is designed to fill in all care gaps and ensure that your parent gets everything that they need on a daily basis.

Starting elderly care for your aging parent is one of the most nurturing, caring, and effective decisions that you can make throughout your journey as their family caregiver. In this role you are responsible for making sure that your aging loved one get the care and support that they need to help them handle their current health challenges, reduce the risk of suffering others, and prepare for the possibility of future symptoms and challenges while also ensuring that they can live the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. When they are suffering a serious illness such as Parkinson’s disease, the highly personalized services of an elderly home care services provider can help your parent to manage the challenging symptoms that they are experiencing, prepare for the future symptoms that will develop as they progress through the condition, and maintain an active, engaged, and fulfilling quality of life.

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