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Evaluating Your Care Efforts on Respect for Parents Day

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Home Care in Juno Beach FLBeing a caregiver is about more than just making sure that your parent's physical needs are met and that they are healthy and safe as they age in place. You must also keep in mind their need for emotional support, love, and respect. Continuing to give your loved one this emotional support, encouragement, and respect is a vital aspect of promoting better mental and emotional health throughout their later years, guarding your relationship with them, and even ensuring that the care efforts that you put forth, as well as those that they receive from others, are as effective as possible.

August 1 is Respect for Parents Day. This is the ideal opportunity for you to take some time to evaluate your care efforts and make sure that you are caring for your parent in a way that is respectful and dignified. If you see areas where you may need to improve, work with your parent to make changes that are meaningful and beneficial.

Ask yourself these questions to help you evaluate your care efforts on Respect for Parents Day:

  • Are you making care decisions that are right for them? One of the greatest challenges of being a caregiver is making sure that you are making care decisions that are in keeping with your parent's needs, goals, and opinions rather than just your own. You may have strong views about what your parent should be doing or how they should be doing it, but unless they are making dangerous decisions or going against the guidelines set forth by their doctor, you should allow them to make as many of their own decisions as possible.
  • Are you showing respect in your interactions? Especially when you are dealing with a schedule that is busy or limited time, it is easy to sweep in and out of your parent's home just taking enough time to handle their pressing needs. This can make your parent feel disregarded and unimportant. Make sure when you are caring for your parent that you take the time to interact with them, talk with them in a loving and respectful way, and show them that they are appreciated.
  • Are you showing respect in your care efforts? No matter what types of care efforts your parent needs, it is important that you show them respect and dignity throughout them. This means not letting on when a task makes you uncomfortable, never shaming or embarrassing them, and honoring their need for modesty and independence as much as possible.

Starting elderly care for your parent can be one of the most nurturing and respectful choices that you can make for them as they age in place. This elderly home care services provider can step in to provide a professional level of care that can help your parent to feel more at ease and as though their individuality, dignity, and privacy are being honored and respected. This can be especially beneficial if your parent requires help with sensitive tasks or is particularly resistant to receiving care from one of their children. Because the care provider is a neutral party, your parent will not feel as though receiving care from them puts their status or their parent-child relationship at risk.
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