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Home Care Awareness: Is Your Parent Dealing with Excessive Bruising?

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Home Care in Palm City FLDonna had never really thought of herself as a caregiver for her aging mother. After all, Jeanine was strong and independent, and other than a bit of stiffness after a hip surgery a year ago, she was still in pretty good health. When Donna moved back home from several states away and started checking in on her mother more often, it felt more like she was visiting with her than really caring for her. She would sift through the mail, make sure that her mother did not need anything at the grocery store, and maybe prepare dinner for her just to make her life easier for her. After a few months, however, things started to change.

One day when Donna arrived at her mother's house for her usual afternoon visit she found Jeanine standing at the kitchen counter, leaning against it as if she was not able to stand up on her own. She was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and Donna noticed that there was new bruising down her arm. The next day her mother invited her to take a swim with her and when Donna saw Jeanine in her bathing suit she noticed that there was more bruising on her hip and thigh.

Concerned, Donna asked her mother what had happened to cause the bruises. After some hesitation Jeanine admitted that she had had a tumble a few days before when trying to get out of the tub, and then had lost her balance and bumped into a piece of furniture the next day. When she asked what she was doing when she lost her balance, Jeanine seemed to not be able to remember. Donna was very worried and contacted her mother's doctor to discuss the new information. The doctor recommended that Donna look into hiring a home care provider to help Jeanine deal with her activities of daily living. After just a short time with the in home health care services provider Donna noticed such a change in her mother that she realized just how much Jeanine really had changed. It seemed that Donna had become so accustomed to her parent visiting her every day that she had not even noticed the gradual changes that had occurred. Soon Jeanine was more active in the community again and was not experiencing any more bruising.

When you are a primary caregiver for your parent, especially if you do not really realize that you have stepped into that role, it is easy to overlook gradual changes in your parent's behaviors and condition. Sometimes it takes something serious, such as noticing strange bruises, to make you realize that they are experiencing needs that you have not been fulfilling and that extra assistance would be beneficial.

Excessive bruising can be an indication of many things. For many seniors, it can be an early sign of mobility and balance issues that could prove to be extremely dangerous. Having an in home health care services provider in the home with your parent can ensure that your loved one is kept safe and secure while still enjoying the benefits of aging in place.
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