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Home Care Tips: Recognizing When It May be Time to Transition Your Parents into a New Home

January 7th, 2016

Home Care in Tequesta, FL

Home-Care-in-Tequesta-FLIf your elderly loved ones are like many aging adults, they have likely lived in the same home for many years. They may even be still living in the same home where they lived when you were growing up. While this is a wonderful way for them to remain surrounded by familiar things and treasured memories throughout their aging years, there may come a time in your home care journey with them when you must consider transitioning them into a new home.

Encouraging your seniors to move into a new home, whether it is a smaller home for them to live on their own and receive care from a home care provider, or transitioning into your home to be closer to you and your family, can be a daunting decision, but it can be one that preserves their ability live safely, comfortably, and with as much independence as possible throughout their later years.

Some things that may indicate it is time to transition your parents into a new home include:
• Changing sleeping locations. If you notice that one or both of your parents have stopped sleeping in their bedroom and are now sleeping on the couch or a downstairs guestroom, it could be an indication of mobility problems that make it difficult for them to get to their usual sleeping area or into the bed.
• Not going upstairs. If your parents are not using all of the rooms in their home, they may not be able to get up and down the stairs safely and comfortably. Transitioning into a one story home, or living in a suite of rooms in your home where they do not need to use the stairs allows them to maximize their space.
• Bruising. Increased bruising on your parents' bodies, especially on their legs or hips, could show that they are having more difficulty moving around their home safely due to mobility or balance problems. These bruises could indicate that they are falling more often, walking into furniture, or bumping into walls. Transitioning them into a home with a more open floorplan can help to reduce these injuries.
• Laundry not put away. Baskets of clean laundry that are sitting in the laundry room for days rather than being put away could be an indication that they are having difficulty lifting heavy things, mobility problems, balance issues, or even cognitive limitations that are keeping them from handling this task.
• Lawn overgrown or unkempt. Some people are more conscientious about their lawns and gardens than others, but if your parents have always taken pride in their lawn and caring for it, but they are suddenly allowing the grass to grow too long or have not planted their usual bulbs so that they will be ready for spring, it could be an indication that they are coping with physical or cognitive issues that keep them from properly maintaining their property. Transitioning them into a home with a smaller lawn can help them to keep it under control more easily.
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