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Is it Time to Consider a Shower Bench for Your Elderly Loved One?

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Homecare in Palm City FL Having a shower bench might be just the ticket for your elderly loved one, but it's not perfect in every situation. Here are some ideas for determining if a shower bench might be right for your loved one.
Your Loved One Doesn't Feel Safe in the Shower Anymore

Your elderly loved one may be reluctant to tell you outright that she doesn't feel safe showering any longer, but there are other clues that can let you know. Your loved one might resist showering or bathing, for example, or she may claim that she's already showered, even if you know that she hasn't. Often taking steps to make her feel safer can help your loved one to reverse her stance on refusing to bathe.
Your Loved One Has Balance Issues

One reason that your loved one may not feel safe in the shower any longer is that she has balance issues. The shower bench helps with this because your loved one doesn’t have to rely on her own balance at all. She can either remain on the bench for the entire shower or she can use it as she needs to in order to feel safe while she's showering.
Your Loved One Is Losing Some of Her Strength

When your elderly loved one starts to lose muscle tone or strength, she can have issues standing in the shower. Some of those can relate to lack of endurance, which can make her cut her showers short. Having the bench in place allows your loved one to take her time while still being able to conserve her strength for when she gets out of the shower.
Reconsider if Your Loved One Doesn't Have Space or if She Has Issues with Flexibility

There are some situations in which a shower bench actually might not be the best assistive device for your elderly loved one. In particular, if she's got a very small bathroom or the area around the tub is crowded up against the toilet, the bench might not fit properly. If that's the case, other options might be more appropriate. Also, if your loved one has trouble moving her knees or her hips easily, then sitting and bending on the shower bench might be extremely difficult for her.
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