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What Do You Need to Know about Medications and Your Loved One's Risk of Falling?

August 25th, 2017

Senior Care in Hobe Sound FL: What Do You Need to Know about Medications and Your Loved One's Risk of Falling?

Senior Care in Hobe Sound FL: What Do You Need to Know about Medications and Your Loved One's Risk of Falling?

What medications your loved one takes and how much of them she takes can be a big part of her fall risk. The more you can educate yourself and your loved one about her medication and how it affects her, the more likely you'll be to help your loved one avoid a fall.

Medications Can Interact and Create Issues

When your loved one takes more than one medication, it's important to understand how those medications work together and how their side effects combine. Some medications don't affect the others that your loved one is taking, but it's not easy to predict that in advance. Avoid guessing by talking to your loved one's doctor and pharmacist to determine what sort of risk factors your loved one has for falling with the medications she's taking.

Some Medications Cause Dizziness or Other Problems

Even one medication can have side effects such as dizziness or slower reflexes than usual. In some cases, those problems only show up when your loved one first starts taking the medication. Your loved one might also have issues if the dosage changes. Regardless, check out all new medications thoroughly before your loved one starts taking them.

Not Taking Medications Can Create Bigger Problems

Another danger to watch for concerning your loved one, falling, and her medication is that sometimes not taking her medication can be worse for her than taking it. Illnesses such as heart problems and blood pressure issues can get far out of control without the right medication. They can also cause your loved one to feel unstable, resulting in a fall.

Work with Your Loved One's Doctor

The best plan when your loved one has medical concerns and you're worried about her fall risk is to work with her doctor closely. He can monitor her medication and her overall health to determine when adjusting her care plan is in her best interests.

If your loved one is nervous about being on her own, consider hiring senior care providers who can stop in and check on your loved one. That way you can both have peace of mind when you're not able to be there.

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About the Author – Jack Nicol, Owner

BrightStar is a private duty Home Care Agency that provides unskilled and skilled care for people needing assistance in their home or a facility. We opened our agency in Jupiter, FL 6 years ago. Our service area is Northern Palm Beach & Martin Counties. BrightStar is a Home Care Agency not a Nurse Registry.

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