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What Kinds of Safety Issues Can Present a Problem for Your Elderly Loved One?

November 23rd, 2016

Senior Care in Juno Beach FL

Senior Care in Juno Beach FLKeeping your elderly loved one safe can be a time-consuming task for you as a family caregiver. The more attention you pay to the task, the better off you'll be.
Fire Hazards

Stoves, matches, flowing garments, and other fire hazards can all present a large problem for your elderly loved one's safety. If your loved one doesn't have the cognitive skills to operate appliances that could present a fire hazard, it's important that she's supervised when she's around those items. Another option is to use child-proofing equipment to make those items safe for her. Check to be sure that there is a working fire extinguisher on every floor and that everyone knows where to locate them.
Sharp or Pointed Objects

Anything that could stab or cut is an item that you should pay particular attention to. Your elderly loved one may have never had issues with these items before, but if she's having difficulty with thought processes, she could start to have trouble with them. Make sure that these types of items are safely secured.
Trip and Fall Hazards

Falls are a tremendous source of concern for elderly loved ones. They can badly injure your loved one to the point that her health declines significantly. Removing tripping hazards can involve not only removing clutter and loose rugs, but also incorporating items such as hand rails throughout the house. If your loved one has vision problems, try also using contrasting colors to help her avoid obstacles more effectively.
Chemical Hazards

Medicines, chemicals, and other products that can be poisonous need a locked cabinet in order to ensure your elderly loved one's safety. If you can keep these items in a separate location that you don't need to access often, that's a good idea.
Other Issues

While you're looking into general safety, there are a host of other issues to consider. Items such as poor lighting, water heaters that are set too high, and even your loved one's ability to continue driving all deserve some attention.

Take some time to focus on one room at a time to make sure that you cover all your bases in terms of safety.
If you're having trouble figuring out potential hazards for your elderly loved one, ask her senior care providers to help you perform a safety evaluation.
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