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Senior Care Observances: National Parkinson's Awareness Month

March 30th, 2016

Senior Care in Palm City FL

Senior Care in Palm City FLApril is National Parkinson's Awareness Month. This month long observance is the perfect opportunity for you to find out more about this progressive disease and integrate awareness, management, and support into your senior care journey with your elderly parent.

Being in a senior care relationship with your aging loved one gives you a unique perspective on the needs of the elderly and what it is like to take on these needs. This is why even if your parent does not currently have Parkinson's disease you can take this month as an opportunity to share your support and care for those who do or who are caring for someone who does. By reaching out to others who care for their parent, regardless of their particular challenges, you create a sense of unity that is meaningful for you and for those around you.

This April, turn your focus toward learning more about Parkinson's disease so that you can make a difference in the community whether your parent develops the disease or you simply want to raise awareness. Let these ideas inspire you for ways that you can get involved and informed during National Parkinson's Awareness Month:
• Learn the symptoms. Knowing the potential signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease can help you to detect if these appear in your aging parent. The sooner that you are able to detect them, the earlier that your parent can get a thorough examination and proper diagnosis. This early diagnosis is key to getting your loved one on the course of treatment and management that is right for her. It is important to be aware that the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease often begin subtly. They may also mimic the symptoms of other conditions, including Alzheimer's disease. Recognizing as many of the signs as possible helps you to provide the necessary information to your parent's doctor to aid in an accurate diagnosis. Some of the most common symptoms of early Parkinson's disease include tremors, cognitive decline, and sleep disruptions.
• Develop a plan. Your parent might not have Parkinson's disease now, but what if she develops it? Having a plan for how you would approach this situation if it did arise will give you both more confidence. Now is the perfect time for you to research potential treatment options, management techniques, and the progression of the disease. This will let you come up with ways that you would both feel comfortable handling PD if it becomes part of your senior care journey. Think about when you might want to hire a senior health care services provider, how your parent feels about life support and other extensive treatments, and if she wants to create final plans to put everyone more at ease.
• Share your awareness. This month is a fantastic time for you to get involved with the Parkinson's disease community. This allows you to share awareness and raise funds for the advancement of PD research. Find out if there are awareness activities planned for your area during the month. Popular activities include runs, walks, and even dance-a-thons. Find one that works for you and your parent and enjoy knowing that you are making a difference together.

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