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Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Parent’s Bathroom

December 9th, 2016

Home Care in Tequesta FL

Home Care in Tequesta FLGiving gifts to friends and family members is one of the greatest joys of the holiday season. As a family caregiver when you are thinking about selecting the perfect gift for your aging loved one, you have the opportunity to not just give them something that they will enjoy, but also something that will help both of you to pursue your care goals. Choosing beneficial gifts can help your parent stay happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable, while also maintaining a greater level of independence as they age in place.

One area of the home that can benefit from some creative and useful stocking stuffers this holiday season is your aging parent’s bathroom. This is one room of the home where a large number of injuries occur, and where many elderly adults first recognize their limitations and challenges. Giving them meaningful gifts can help them to preserve as much of their independence as possible and also manage their personal needs.

Let these ideas inspire you for bathroom stocking stuffers you can give your aging parent this holiday season:
• Electric toothbrush. Many elderly adults deal with weakness, balance problems, and loss of range of motion that make it difficult for them to handle basic personal tasks such a brushing their teeth. Maintaining proper dental hygiene, however, is critical to preserving their health and well-being as they age. An electric toothbrush can help your parent manage this task more effectively and independently.
• Tub stickers. The bathtub is a slippery, potentially dangerous place for anyone, but can be particularly treacherous for seniors who are dealing with mobility issues, balance problems, and loss of range of motion. Reducing the slipperiness in the tub can help them to stay on their feet and avoid potentially devastating injuries. Look for stickers that are playful or that fit in with your parent’s personality and preferences to customize the look of their bathroom.
• Shower mitt. Gripping a washcloth or sponge and bathing can be challenging. A shower mitt makes it easy for your aging parent to simply use their hand to wash themselves independently. Look for one made of a softer material such as terry cloth to protect their delicate skin from potential injuries that can occur with rougher materials such as loofah.
• Moisturizing body products. The skin of elderly adults tends to be much thinner, dryer, and more delicate than that of younger people. This means that your aging loved one is more prone to injury and more susceptible to infection that can occur as a result of these tears, scratches, or other wounds. Elderly skin is particularly vulnerable during the winter months when the cold outdoor air and dry artificial heat indoors further dries out the skin and makes it delicate, itchy, and uncomfortable. Moisturizing body products such as shower gel and high quality body butter give your parent’s skin back the vital moisture that it needs to stay healthy, comfortable, and safe throughout the season, while also letting your parent pamper themselves a bit.
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