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Home care in Onalaska, WI

  • 1062 Oak Forest Dr
  • Ste 500
  • Onalaska, WI 54650

Onalaska, WI Client Home Care Reviews

Even more than who we are and what we say is what we do. The true measure of the services that we provide is that we met and exceeded the expectations of those in our care and their families. Nestled deep within each unique client story is all that our caregivers are making possible – more flexibility, more security, more hope. And while we could just tell you about the kind of work we do, there is nobody better able to speak to the kind of care that BrightStar provides than those we serve on a daily basis.

“BrightStar has been a real lifesaver for me after I suffered a major stroke. At first I was extremely hesitant to have a stranger come into my home, but BrightStar did a thorough assessment of my needs, and was careful to match me with a CNA who was a perfect fit for me. Carrie* is an intelligent, thoughtful, hard working and 100% reliable aide, and I don’t know what I would do without someone like her.”Phil C.

"Bright Star provided CNA services for my invalid wife until her recent death. Their aides were all punctual, capable, tender, and compassionate in her care. I couldn't ask for more. BrightStar is the very best in the field.”S.J. Kapitan

“BrightStar's amazing caregivers really helped us when we had health crisis. My husband was in a terrible accident and we have two small children. Our caregivers helped with my husband's care, housekeeping, errands, and even babysitting. Things would have been much more difficult without them. I was happy when my husband improved but sad to see Jane* and Ann* go.”Suzanne S.

"I have an amazing BrightStar caregiver who has become a very positive part of my life. I look forward to her time with me. She is always upbeat and cheerful, and willing to do anything I ask, plus she looks beyond my requests to see what else she can do to make my life easier. She is very intelligent and has a sense of humor, which I appreciate."Merry H