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Our Director of Nursing at BrightStar of OR - Lane County

Providing RN oversight on every case from day one

Serene Paxton, RN

How long have you been a Nurse?
I became a Registered Nurse in 1992. I returned to academics as a young parent and was so inspired by my grandmother's dedication to patient care that I followed in her footsteps and became a nurse.

What experience do you bring to BrightStar Care®? I began my RN career in an acute hospital working with cardiac patients and their families. I have spent many years working in the geriatric industry and have worn many hats on the management and administration side. I have been a speaker for the Alzheimer’s Association, an Ombudsman for Aging and Independent Services, a Legal Nurse Consultant for Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorneys, a state license administrator for a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, as well as a Home Health and Hospice Case Manager. I am committed to advocating for clients and patients throughout the continuum of care.

What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? My passion is providing the highest quality of care through training and education. My goals are to select, train and maintain a quality of care staff who reflect BrightStar Care's commitment to providing the highest standard of premium In-Home care.

I provide A Higher Standard of Care for our BrightStar Care® clients by... Having a clear understanding of the role education and training plays in providing the highest standard of care. I never ask of others that which I am not willing to do myself. I believe there is pride in any job done well.INS_Logo_200wide If you have questions about how RN oversight works at BrightStar of OR - Lane County, or if want to speak with our Director of Nursing, please call us at (541) 632-7800.