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Halloween Safety Tips for Older Adults

Halloween can be a fun holiday for most, but it can be a very stressful time for seniors, particularly those with mental and/or physical complications. Some seniors may be concerned with their safety during this time, as strangers coming to their home can inflict fear. Always look out the peephole or window to see who is at the door before opening it. However, it is very possible to keep your senior loved one safe and happy this Halloween by engaging in a few precautions. 


Some factors that contribute to these Halloween concerns for older adults include: Decorations, Costumes, Wet pavements, falling leaves, less daylight hours and changing weather conditions.

Consider the following are tips to help alleviate these concerns for older seniors.

  • If your older senior does not want to hand out candy, remove outside pumpkins and decorations. Also turn off all outside lights and close curtains and place a sign that says “No More Candy!”
  • If your older senior does choose to hand out candy and have decorations, keep them away from pathways and help them hand out candy by having family members with them or hire a caregiver.
  • Add night lights to hallways and rooms. Keep the home well lit.
  • Do not place window decorations that block the light or views of main entrances.
  • Halloween increases safety concerns for the elderly, especially those with mental and/or physical complications (such as Dementia), so don’t leave them home alone. Hire a caregiver or have family with them.