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Signs a Senior Needs Help

5 Signs An Elderly Adult Can't Take Care of Themselves

When an elderly adult can no longer care for themself, the burden often falls on the family. However, an aging parent or grandparent may not always ask for additional help, so it is up to family members to recognize when a loved one needs assistance.

"We can't always rely on our elderly loved ones to communicate their concerns with us," says Sharon Roth Maguire, geriatric nurse practitioner and Senior Vice President of Quality and Clinical Operations for BrightStar Care®. According to Maguire, there are signs to recognize when a family member needs a little more help, and in-home care assistance can often ease the burden.

These five signs indicate it might be time to get professional help for your elderly loved one:

  1. Confusion Over Medications
  2. No Longer Able to Drive
  3. Inability to Manage Finances
  4. The House is a Mess
  5. Infrequent bathing

Read more on each sign and the potential medical concerns here: https://www.brightstarcare.com/resources/caregiving/signs-grandparents-cant-take-care-of-themselves

We understand discussing care with an older adult can be a sensitive topic. For more information on how to discuss their care and the options available to them, please click here: https://www.brightstarcare.com/resources/home-care/need-home-care-help

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