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Advisory Response from BrightStar Care of Leesburg

By: Daniel Price


All your BrightStar Care Teammates in the office want to thank you for everything you do, every single day.  Everyone on our BrightStar Team is vital to our business.  YOU ARE THE FACE OF BRIGHTSTAR CARE and we want to do everything we can to protect you and your family.  We know that you’ll continue to provide amazing and supportive care to our clients.

We want you to know that protecting all of our caregivers and clients has always been our highest priority.  We are dedicated to ensuring your safety and well-being by implementing the following protocol:

1.      Our dedicated office staff is working 24/7 to ensure smooth operations to support you and our clients.  We are experiencing a very high client call volume.  Please call ahead and schedule a time if for some reason you feel you need to come to the office.   Due to the increased workload in the office, at times, some of the staff will be working remotely so the physical office may not be manned at all times.   Please don’t potentially waste time by coming in when the staff may be working remotely.
2.      Mobile ABS Staff Screenings will be implemented tomorrow.  You may have already seen the notice of that when you logged in today.   It will be very simple.  You will receive a separate email from Jeanne Pinney with instructions on how to complete those screenings prior to your shift.
3.      We are deploying our Team of professional, dedicated nurses in the field day and night to screen all Clients and Staff to provide you with the assurance that you’re working in a safe environment.  We ask for your patience as they navigate this new process.  The nurses will be assessing and asking you and our clients the following:

  1. Temperature
  2. Lung Sounds
  3. Shortness of Breath or Cough
  4. Have you traveled out of town recently? If so, where and how?
  5. Have you had any recent contact with anyone diagnosed with Corona Virus or anyone with fever, cough or shortness of breath? If so, when and where?

4.      The nurses will also be checking clients’ homes for the following items:

  1. Unopened PPE Kit – Personal Protective Equipment from BrightStar Care
  2. Gloves
  3. Liquid Hand Soap
  4. Paper Towels (not reusable hand towels)
  5. Disinfecting wipes or spray

5.      We are asking you to be our “eyes and ears”.  If you or someone that you live with is coughing, having difficulty catching their breath or has a fever, please call the office prior to your shift to relay this information and wait for further instruction.  If any of your clients are displaying any of these symptoms, please call the office immediately to report it and follow the instructions given to you by the office staff. 
6.      HAND WASHING – your most effective tool in protecting yourself and others!  Wash your hands upon entering and leaving the clients home, before and after contact with any person or animal, before and after eating or preparing food and upon returning home. 

This is a very uncertain time for all of us, but please know that you are a very valuable part of our BrightStar Care family. We hope that things will get back to normal very soon!

Dan Price
Sweet Virginia Care LLC dba  

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