Bright Star Care of the Main Line Caregiver Spotlight: Debra Harris

February 16, 2022
Jack Kraynak

Debra Harris was named the Caregiver of the Month for January 2022!

Tell us a bit about yourself - where did you go to school? Are you working any other jobs now / have you worked any other jobs in the past?  


I went to Olney High School, graduating in 1977. Yes, I have worked many jobs in the past including past homecare experience. I have worked with many other agencies over the years before joining BrightStar Care.


What is your experience as a caregiver prior to working at Brightstar Care of the Main Line? 


My experience as a caregiver has been very challenging but very good because I have gotten a chance to learn about my clients while they mutually get to learn about me.


What do you find most difficult about being a caregiver?


I think that dead weighting people, or physically moving people, is the most challenging part of caregiving to me. Also, as an African American woman, I still regularly deal with racist people within my work as a caregiver which can make my job very difficult sometimes.


What do you enjoy most about being a caregiver?


My greatest enjoyment that I get from caregiving is the ability to spend time around people. I enjoy people, doing activities that they enjoy, caring for them, and connecting with them.


What is a specific moment that has stuck out to you while caregiving?

Not a specific moment,  but racism that I experience during being a caregiver always sticks out to me. I have had some bad experiences because of my color.


What do you do in your free time?


In my freetime I do outreach in and around the Camden (New Jersey) area. This community is where my church is located. Within my church, I am a preacher, teacher, piano player, and I love to sing.


What is your favorite season and why?


Summer because the weather is just great.