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2020 Family Caregiver Recognition in Louisville

BrightStar Care of Louisville is pleased to recognize November as National Family Caregivers Month.

It is time to celebrate caregivers' contributions and their critical role in patient care in Louisville.

"There are over 53 million Americans who are unpaid caregivers to family, friends, and neighbors. Caregiving can often have a significant impact on the life of the caregiver. It can make maintaining physical and mental health more difficult and strain work, family, and social activity."

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, feelings of stress, worry, and isolation may have some caregivers in need of a break. When you need help making a loved one's doctor appointment, or additional support at home, Respite Care can provide the support a family caregiver needs in times when circumstances require it.

Some family caregivers may experience stress and challenges that can significantly impact their mental health and lead to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol and drug addiction, and anxiety. Caregivers need to take care of their psychological and physical health. Supporting caregivers with information and resources can help them maintain a healthy life balance and better serve loved ones with medical and personal care needs. "

Family Caregivers who are struggling can rely on Respite Care by our licensed and accredited caregivers in Louisville areas. We are a locally owned and operated home health care agency ready to help. Please call us at 502-893-4700.

BrightStar Care of Louisville provides 24/7 to Hourly Care to Support Family Caregivers.

We offer support families around the clock, providing a full continuum of private duty health care services and respite care services. We proudly serve Greater Louisville areas including Fairdale, St. Matthews, Middletown, Jeffersontown, Shively, Anchorage, Jeffersontown, Hikes Point, Glenview, Crescent Hill, and Taylorsville areas.

For more information on how BrightStar Care supports Louisville's families and learn more about our local team of caregivers, skilled healthcare professionals – please Click Here.