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Our Lower Bucks / SE Montgomery Co. Care Team

BrightStar of Lower Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties prides itself on being the friendliest, easiest to work with homecare agency in the area.  We have built a highly skilled and compassionate team of business and healthcare professionals. From our office staff to our caregivers, the BrightStar team works together to ensure exceptional customer service and clinical excellence. Whether it’s homecare, staffing services, or being a resource for our treasured seniors, BrightStar of Lower Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties is dedicated to making your life better. In this spirit of friendliness, here is a bit about each of our office team members - in their own words:

Eric Sierka, Owner / President– Hello - I'm Eric and I'm the owner of BrightStar Care of Lower Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties.  After 27 years of business leadership experience as an accountant and consultant at the world’s largest accounting and consulting firm, and then as a Senior Vice President leading supplier risk management at a top ten North American Bank, I decided to pursue my passion of serving others by becoming the owner of this very accomplished and proud agency, orignally founded by Brian Fitzpatrick. I watched my grandmother and Godmother benefit from homecare and was inspired to bring that kind of compassionate, impactful care to others.  I stay personally involved in serving our clients and families by meeting with new clients and their families and working closely with our amazing team to extend our care through our community.  

Kelly Perri, Branch Manager - Inside Sales/ Operations / Recruiting- Hello my name is Kelly Perri and I joined BrightStar Care in January 2010, after owning and operating my own businesses for over 23 years.  I now have the honor of managing the daily operations of our office, making sure that we provide consistently outstanding service, in a friendly manor that makes things easy on our clients.  I also lead our recruiting and hiring of exceptional employees.  Kelly recruits and carefully screens applicants to ensure that BrightStar is hiring the best.  Having personally experienced with my family what our clients are experiencing, I always try to help our clients and their families in the same way I wanted when I was in that situation.

Patti Geiger, RN - Director of Nursing – Hello, I'm Patti.  I have been a nurse for 18 years.  Most of that time I worked at a major local hospital in the hospice and med-surg areas.  I helped people recover through direct patient care and I also acted as the charge nurse.  I've helped thousands of people during my career and most enjoy helping people feel comfortable throughout the process, whether that be by explaining something or just sharing kind words of reassurance.  At BrightStar Care, I am responsible for overseeing plans of care for all our clients and ensuring we attain the highest standards of clinical care.  I also work closely with our entire team by providing training and supervision.

Toni Puzo, LPN - Nurse Care Manager - Hello, I'm Toni Puzo.  I have been part of our BrightStar Care team for six years and have had the honor of serving hundreds of clients and their families.  I love serving and working seniors - it's my passion.  I provide support to our caregivers and help with the start of new cases.  I have been told that I have a very calm, compassionate manner that most people find comforting.  I look forward to many more years as part of the BrightStar Care team where we have the opportunity to make a real, positive difference in the lives of our clients and families.
Jasmine Evans, Customer Care Manager– Hello, my name is Jasmine Evans and I have now been with BrightStar Care since August 2016.  During this time, I have focused on scheduling and ensuring that we have the right caregivers assisgned to each shift and that we respond well when the inevitable bumps in the road occur.  I have been told that I am a natural smiler and that you can hear my smile on the phone.   Having quickly learned the art of managing a schedule, I am now expanding into other areas of operations including payroll and billing.

Heather Ferst, Scheduler / Office Assistant– Hello my name is Heather Ferst.  I joined BrightStar Care in September 2017 and have quickly come up to speed on helping manage our ever changing schedule.  I enjoy the fast pace of this business and the opportunity to work with our caregivers and clients to ensure, consistent, outstanding service.  I always have a kind word and an upbeat demenour.  I'm looking forward to working with more families to bring our higher standard of care to those in need.
Tracy McDonald, Community Liason– Hello, my name is Tracy McDonald and I have been a proud memeber of our BrightStar Care team for most of its existence.  Having originally served as a caregiver, I then became the Client Care Manager where I was responsible for scheduling for nearly eight years.  Having now found my passion in my current role, I focus on meeting with our partners in the community - whether at hospitals, senior living communities, rehab centers, or other locations - and helping bring the value of BrightStar Care to all those who can benefit from our service.  I can often be found bringing a batch of my famous homemade baked goods when I visit - which is my way of sharing good cheer and a bright smile.  I love being I can find ways to put our customers first.  

Joann Slack, Administrative Professional– Hello, my name is Joann Slack and I have been part of our BrightStar Care Franchise throughout most of its history.  I work behind the scenes performing the weekly activities of payroll, billing, insurance claims, and office administration.  I enjoy working with our fantastic team to keep our office organized and efficient.  With over 20 years of professional business and administrative experience, I also help ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements, including PA State Department of Health Homecare Licensure.
Our Caregivers– BrightStar of Lower Bucks County hires only experienced and carefully-screened caregivers.  But they also need to have more.  They need to CARE MORE and GIVE MORE to our clients and their families.  In return BrightStar offers them an opportunity to learn, advance, and be rewarded for their dedication and hard work.  We salute our caregivers for making a difference in the lives of our clients each day.